Embroidered Dahlia

Embroidered Dahlia

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3 styles to choose from - all with comfortable elastic back to keep everything in place. With proper sizing, you need not worry about slippage. I have been wearing these to kickboxing for 13 years and they are gorgeous enough to wear to work.

  • Extended back has the look of a traditional bandana with a designated front and back. 
  • 10 inch or "original" measures 10 inches from front to back. This can be folded or scrunched to whatever width you prefer.
  • 4 inch or "half cap" is a wide headband.

Size can be determined by measuring your head around where a headband would sit: across the top, down behind the ears, to the nape of the neck. If you need a smaller or larger size, we can accommodate. Just shoot us an email!


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