Assortment of Florals for Favors

Assortment of Florals for Favors


These make the perfect favor for any occasion. Sold in groups of 12.

You will receive an assortment of designs shown in the fragrance of your choice. Can be done in goat's milk or cocoa butter. 

The pink ones shown have added kaolin clay, which is also fabulous for your skin and rose petals. These were done for a baby shower for a baby girl. 

If you'd like something different, please send me an email and we can make something unique just for your event.

You may also purchase the option to have the soaps wrapped and labeled for your event. 


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Goat's milk is high in fatty acids which makes it a wonderfully nourishing ingredient in soap. It is excellent for dry and sensitive skin and a wonderful choice for people prone to eczema and psoriasis. 

 Cocoa butter, the sweet-smelling fat that comes from cocoa beans, is a treat for dryskin. Cocoa butter is an occlusive emollient, which means it acts as a barrier to keep skin soft and prevent moisture loss. 

full ingredient list can be found here and here